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Hazed Again

by StevSki7

The song is a mix of 90’s rock style, electro, and metal styles, it’s energetic and gives a deep message. “Hazed Again” by StevSki7 is a multi-genre song that will cheer you up even on the darkest day. This latest track is another masterpiece. The track begins in a much more traditional fashion than his other recent releases – the vibe is set, strong, and fast; To excite you from the offset with classic rhythms. As the music begins to unfold, the eternally beautiful world of StevSki7 washes over you.

There is a certain realness to the songwriting style and performance to it, and this is where that ‘authentic’ feeling comes from. There’s an honesty behind the music, there’s a touch of humanity behind the art, and that’s something a lot of people respond to – especially, one can imagine, in a live show. The great sound of true rock and rap is likely to light up any weekend with a performance like this.

If you’re a true fan of rock music, you’ll all notice the bright guitar riffs on the track and the creativity throughout the instruments and effects and structure, but each harmonic voice is incorporated into the track.

As a song, this song has everything that music fans crave; The melody and the lines are simple and concise, really leaving room around the lyrics for you to stop and take it all in – a clever touch of songwriting, making sure you’re paying attention to every line and remembering every idea. Then of course you focus on the sound of the artist’s voice, the performance style presented, and the character that comes with every note sung.

StevSki7 has a great voice, the kind of stylish and confident lead vocals that can carry this kind of catchy and attention-grabbing rock record through any and every sound system with such smoothness and delicacy. The overall vibe of the music, the final effect set off by all of this working so well in one place, is an undeniably uplifting experience – the good vibes are out in full force.

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