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Can We

by Tati Yayo

Tati Yayo’s music has a rare, pacifying impact. Her influential voice is naturally set to R&B, Hip Hop music with an established sound that the talented singer has spent the past few years tinkering with. She indicated a sparkling new direction with her newest single “Can We” which is a remarkable moment for her musical journey. “Can We” draws on both Hip hop and R&B inspirations which stand on Tati Yayo’s unique, modest stability. The production forms an incredible backdrop for Tati Yayo, who sing-talks lines that revolve stunningly. Moreover, the enticing guitar synths and infinite confidence are all here in the song. This time, remarkably, the production stands extra amazing. The subtle, calming tone of the song largely appears through the tracks’ excellent production. Tati Yayo made a point of blending stunning instruments in her arrangements, something that is most powerful on “Can We” in contrast with her previous releases. This masterful artist sings over electric guitar, dim-sounded horns, and a gently patterning drum. Particularly, the blend of two genres, hip hop and R&B shapes a glamorous centrepiece. Over three minutes, the song evolves light and disperse, as though Tati Yayo is levitating in the vague warmth of the track. The mood is further nurtured on “Can We” where the song delivers an unhurried, imposing backdrop for Tati Yayo’s impressive composition. In a way this track appears to be soothing yet powerful and “vibe”-oriented. The artist’s relaxed delivery and fiery accompaniment formulate a rich sound that stands on its own. Further, the lyrics are frank and perceptive. The lyrics heighten the charm of the song; through Tati Yayo’s tender delivery, it is glowing, capturing an artist whose confessional impulses discover unity with her artistic ambitions. Overall, “Can We” proves Tati Yayo as a memorable, refreshing, gifted singer among most modern artists, melodically intriguing.

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