Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Shamari Lite

Shamari Lite is a Hip hop artist who comes from East Coast. He stands out with his unique and natural ability to rap as well as captivate thoughts and images. His latest release, “Face,” showcases his abilities, starting with pleasant music and relentless in his flow. On the other hand, a calm musical background gives a beautiful change and allows it to flow brilliantly. Musical influences began to enter his life at a young age. Only a select few talked about Shamari’s love for hip hop, rap, R&B, and trap. Shamari Lite used his experiences and talents to be a popular artist in this industry.

His ability to entertain audiences with his message and lyrics will be heard fast from cars to boardrooms, to parties. Shamari Lite has a different conversation with his music and wakes up the world to listen. Shamari Lite’s new track “Face” showcases his poetic talents and love of music. His attitude towards creativity moves effortlessly between ability and humble theatrical or charismatic.

The “face” process begins by enveloping the listener in an exciting, evocative environment in which the artist’s distinct vocalizations emerge smoothly and rhythmically between the rap lyrics. Rather than being enjoyable to listen to, you will be amazed at how each line and column is made entirely out of the title of the song. The structure and scenery of the track work well to impress you; The soundtrack coincides with the performance, and when the melody or rap parts arrive, the intensity increases accordingly, allowing everything to retain a natural leap and charm.

Also, the phrases and narratives of the environment, all of the ideas portrayed are uniquely catchy and act to captivate you from the start. Great things are ready for Shamari Lite if his lyric writing and genuine performance skills continue to shine. so I invite you to stay with this awesome soul to listen to his future creations on Spotify.

Shamari Lite

Shamari Lite

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