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by AuroaraLove

Immerse yourself in the world of Canadian Metis singer-songwriter Auroara Leigh as she releases the potent and empowering sounds of “Emergence.” Auroara creates an ode to genuineness and inner truth, blending pop and alternative folk styles.

From human trafficking and mental health to addiction and more, Auroara’s music is a one-of-a-kind blend of personal storytelling and healing. Auroara’s music carries the weight of her spiritual practices and teachings, creating a safe haven for healing and connection with a history steeped in intergenerational trauma healing.

“Emergence” is an ode to uniqueness and coming into one’s own. Lyrically, Auroara captures the experience of overcoming the stories others have told about you and coming into your own. The music video reflects this idea visually, encouraging viewers to examine their own assumptions about what constitutes genuine beauty and talent.

Auroara Leigh’s music and message encourage individuals to celebrate their individuality by illuminating crucial social challenges. The album “Emergence” is a moving demonstration of how music can be used to effect positive change in individuals and communities.



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