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Chateau Piano

by Neebu

California based electric artist and producer Neebu brings mystery and magnetism to his experimental study. The producer’s stage name is ‘Neebu’, derived from the producer’s childhood nickname – a deliberate choice, he says, ” because when I’m making music I feel like a kid again”. Originally trained as an analytical scientist, Neebu’s cinematic house and electronic tracks are infused with a total blend of physics and artistry, culminating in his soaring, rhythmic and addictive club sound. Inspired by nature and worldly observations, Neebu’s creativity as an artist is motivated by his desire to create genuine, authentic human connections with people through music in a way that written words or spoken languages can not. “Chateau Piano ” is one of his remarkable compositions with elements indicating a picture of an artist who has a huge potential and passion for the subject.

“Chateau Piano” is a self-assembled musical portrait that turns tremendous, uplifting, paranoid, self-effacing, and abstract in every passing minute. For Neebu, Chateau Piano is his most complacent introduction to the world. With this remarkable track, the artist integrates all of the elements that make the track great – from the overall anguished yet amicable mood to the glitchy impacts – with mastery, attitude, and imaginativeness, while giving rise to the production uniquely his own. Listeners automatically become obsessed with Neebu after listening to this track, as it is a high-quality track that bestows an exceptional EDM musical experience in a very serious way.

What really makes “Chateau Piano” stand out is how it mindfully assembles a significant catastrophe. Neebu rides out the completely unleashed tapestry of sound he has created while intertwining in yet more complexion, and glitch, until there is just nowhere else to take off, and the track cuts out. The way Neebu lets the listeners go right at the point of most intensity, with no time for mental decompression is appreciative. Overall, “Chateau Piano” is a restorative choice in the DJ mix-driven planet of dance music that mandates prolonged, sometimes dull, song intros and outros.

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