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The One Who Didn’t

by Alex Genadinik

Alex Genadinik is a singer-songwriter based in New York, remarkably inspired by artists like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen whose music is set to imaginative and meaningful lyrics. Alex tries to accomplish something similar in his music. But he did not have a chance to get lessons or coaching when he was younger. He had to start a business to fund his creative work. Alex’s main work is in the Elearning space where he is a popular online instructor. He also helps businesses get their online course platforms to get set up by providing online courses through his PLR courses , and his white-label online courses.   The artist has dreamt of creating meaningful and inspiring music for a long time.  As of today, the presence of “The One Who Didn’t” is a release that can be viewed as one of Genadinik’s greatest achievements, adding a great deal of sophistication to his musical journey.


The lyrics of the song are particularly inspired by Ludwig Van Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. With its outstanding DA-DA-DA-DAAA motif as a knock on the protagonist’s door, asking him what he is doing, pushing him towards action. The lyrics of the song are significant and relatable essentially about life because everyone has had that inner dialogue with themselves and wondered what if their life amounts to nothing. Here is a page with the lyrics to the song: .

” This ghost in my mind chased me for years

As I raged forward running from years 

Did I run away or chase some make-belief crown

I got so crazed – even the critics quieted down”


It is like looking at the abyss of your future where right now there are no answers. In the end, it is one of the momentous songs about existence, without a happy ending or a resolution, but something that is relatable. The story of the song follows the protagonist who is caught between his courage, self-doubt and is driven to near-madness with fear of accomplishing nothing. For further explorations here is an analysis of some of the imagery and metaphors used in his songs:


While the majority of listeners and fans probably view this song as a pleasant segue of classic rock, Genadinik refines  “I took this classical piece and wrote my own song that further extends this metaphor and uses Beethoven’s old motif in the new song’s melody and lyrics.” Undoubtedly, “The One Who Didn’t” is one of the most beautiful tunes composed with passion and masterfulness. Stylistically like Beethoven, the taste of the mood in this track gives a sense of the deepest emotions to the listener in a refined manner. 

In a way, “The One Who Didn’t” is the perfect chance to make a larger statement about what Genadinik means to the world of modern music. As a more modern-day representation, we can hear some of his mark on masterpieces like ‘Guardians of Souls’, ‘Romeo and Juliet,’. (sample of some of Alex’s songs with meaningful lyrics: .) The surging synths, pulsing rhythms, and sampled live instruments are powerful and explicit in execution, particularly with the proximity that gives them life, and emotion in the depth of writing that brings warmth to the songs, enabling one something to relate with. More importantly, this is a tune and voice that really affects people. Overall, “The One Who Didn’t” features influential lyrics, a vigorous melody, and a music video with distinct imagery. Straight people and all the music people will dig this masterpiece indisputably.

Alex Genadinik

Alex Genadinik

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