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Chinese girls
YTA Frenzy ft YTA Bottomhead x YTA Pabs x YTA Azario

Chinese Girls

by YTA Frenzy ft YTA Bottomhead x YTA Pabs x YTA Azario

YTA Frenzy ft. YTA Bottomhead, YTA Pabs, YTA Azario released a new music video called “Chinese girls”. It is a rapper song made for rap lovers. It has an addictive and haunting hook, an anthem-like, rising melody and creative lyrics. It has a deep meaning. which spirals upwards in a sort of Backstreet Freestyle fashion. classic hip hop vibes with bass and keys-led warmth collide with the story-telling of modern rap/trap.this is a dreamy production with a vivid, melodically creative aura meets with quick rap vocals and uplifting rhythms to make a cohesive whole.

Starting with the inevitably glamorous “Chinese girls”, the hip-hop hook blends effectively with the trap rhythm and parts of the ecstatic synth and details on the perimeter of the track. That lyrical rap is gonna hit one day. As well as the presentation is very simple. Not only that, they are good performers when they sing. “Chinese girls” is a brilliant creation of them.

“Chinese girls” starts off with a clean mix and a melodic hook before kicking into high gear with nostalgic and seductive tones. In many cases, many singers combine to create an eye-catching frame that alternates between rap and melody, always with clarity and confidence. With their pure ability and unwavering connection, they shed new light on what it means to be a singer and an actor.. All of them are brilliantly motivating, fulfilled with talents, passion, and precision musically.


YTA Frenzy ft YTA Bottomhead x YTA Pabs x YTA Azario

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