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Talk My Shit
BlazeFoFn Feat HakavellFoFn
BlazeFoFn Feat HakavellFoFn

Talk My Shit

by BlazeFoFn Feat HakavellFoFn

Rising star BlazeFoFn is a songwriter/ singer who comes from New Jersey , PA. His passion is to write songs, he is an expert for that. He has the ability to rap songs, he does it from the heart. BlazeFoFn is a popular upcoming artist these days. Because his songs are creative and we can feel it, not only that he made tracks powerful as well as it has a killer beat. All the track’s rhythm is perfectly combined with music. That musical instrument assortment is perfect. Not everyone can create a track like this. It requires good patience as well as attention and the ability to hone one’s skills to create like this.

He is an artist who has unique and powerful vocal strength and also he has a thirst to make different kinds of music tracks. He loves to write so many different types of music. especially hip hop,rap,R&B. He has done so many singles.

As well as talking about HakavellFoFn, his real name is Hakeem. He is better known as HakavellFoFn. He is an independent artist from New Jersey who has been making music for about 8 years. He started to take it seriously about 3 years ago. He raps from his heart. Because we can feel it and what he has been throughout out of his life experience. Not only that, his music catches our ear and we can enjoy it.

Both of these artists made a creation called “Talk My Shit”. The pitches are powerful and the lyrics are creative. This new creation is amazing and it catches our ears. Both these voices combined perfectly. And it is loaded with strong vibes and it is enjoyable to listen to. Both of these two artists will make a big difference in the music industry. We look forward to it as their fans.

BlazeFoFn Feat HakavellFoFn

BlazeFoFn Feat HakavellFoFn

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