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by Wylde

The fiery and direct track, “Wylde” is one of CMD’s most successful singles produced showcasing the artist’s music proficiency. This track evokes the artist’s thoughts straight to the point without a filter, which adds uniqueness to the track. In the best of ways, “Wylde” could be anyone’s song. “Wylde” is a loud yet sensitive track, CMD at his most creative, with terrific instrumentals and dejected tries at self-examination. The beats are stronger on Wylde, the music is heavy and even lavish. On this smashing track, the powerful run of CMD, the listeners get the artist’s confidence, even though CMD is spitting a surprising opening. It is exciting. ” Always had a gift for music. never settled into a sound. So now I make whatever I feel or put into sound however I’m feeling. A lot of pain but there is beauty in everything. ” the artist magnified.

CMD has focused on unchecked creativity and unfiltered self-expression over the song. That is why this track has the raw painful experiences engraved as most of us can relate to. The rap beats are polished enough to uphold a top-notched quality. Overall “Wylde” in particular, is a success for the artist, offsetting a quietly skittering backbeat with regretful vocals. CMD showcases his colourful individuality, sounding best when he spits the bitter yet realistic experiences. CDM’s story is straight, placing the listener into his maelstrom: “God damn this wasn’t part of the plan, wish we were friends but then again, I was hitting it, all from the back in the end.” His vocals are amazingly fuzzed in the song. It is maybe the most victorious moment CMD has ever recorded. Moreover, CDM sounds free. For some, his lines may not mean a ton, but they are extraordinary to listen to, especially when you want to be alone and reminisce about past wounds. CDM sounds like his nicest version — concentrated, devoted, energised.

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