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Let’s Just Stay In Bed

by Dave Lebental

On “Let’s Just Stay In Bed,” the latest single from Singer-Songwriter, Dave Lebental presents the sweet thoughts of a lover who is having a fine time with his lover in a very artistic way. This American artist brings the romance for “Let’s Just Stay In Bed”, one of his greatest songs so far. Dave Lebental – “Let’s Just Stay In Bed ” is a song that tugs the heartstrings of the listeners. In my view, this amazing song is the best of what Dave Lebental can do – produce stunning, profound, soft love ballads. As a result, this song has clearly invaded numerous musical lovers’ hearts in an unforgettable way. In this song, “Let’s Just Stay In Bed,” the artist remains refined and classic – something applied largely to his mastery. Undoubtedly this is sincere and romantic. Dave Lebental’s captivating vocals are bonded amazingly with the piano for the whole track, which makes for a simple yet well-rounded song. The romantic message of “Falling, I’m falling like an Autumn leaf… I don’t want to leave you now” is lyrical and real, and joined with the creative and brilliant piano accompaniment, the track ends up being a classy and addictive love song.

The top-notched instrumentation generates a sense of shared solitude, as bringing the listeners to their own work with the person they love. “When I close my eyes, Whisper in my ear… The busy day can wait for us” Lebental sings, drawing a dreamy scenario in listeners’ minds giving the urge to continue listening. The track fades away abruptly leaving the listeners mesmerised with pure love and intimacy through this excellent music. Overall this is a delightful and heartfelt romantic ballad that anyone who has ever been in love can relish and relate to. Dave Lebental maintains it kid-friendly on this track, framing a deep and explicit love story that youngsters and adults can all appreciate. This track deserves numerous positive reactions, and for many years fans and listeners will find the single to be extremely expressive and listeners will find this soft rock single to be very emotional and easy listening.

Dave Lebental

Dave Lebental

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