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Paper Heart

by Tyrone Oscar

TYRONE OSCAR is a soulful singer/songwriter born and raised in the Netherlands. He often likes pop-country music. It all started when he got his first keyboard and taught himself how to play a few basic vowels. That was when the first songs were written. When he was little he used to listen to anything his mother played with. In the 90s, she listened to a lot of country artists like Shania Twain, Ilse Dilange, and Dolly Parton, which made him fall in love with the genre. After upgrading the keyboard, he needed more. He bought his first guitar, which he eventually finished decorating his living room. But he soon took over the guitar and taught some basic vocal progressions. From that moment on he wrote many more songs, trying to create his own sound with some American influences. In 2019, he wrote and released the song ‘Darling, Go’, dedicated to his compassionate cousin.

In 2020, he released the songs ‘Before I Go’ and ‘Smile Again’, which were composed during a dark period of his life. In 2021, Tyrone released the song ‘Watch Me Fly’ as a song about how he survived his depression. He will release his debut album ‘PAPER HEART’ on May 6, which will include songs he has composed over the past two years. This album definitely shows how Tyrone has grown musically and personally.

Tyrone Oscar’s new release is “Paper Heart”. It’s a simple and beautiful song. Music takes up a lot of space in the track, it’s not always the background to the music for them, this spirit is set with the music and mood in mind, and this creativity is something that continues to shine. As mentioned earlier, the melodic part repeats relentlessly until the end of the track, giving even that pop or country shock. The shock remains mild, but the whole thing acquires a new and unexpected identity.

Tyrone Oscar’s perspective and his approach to this journey are not so familiar – it’s fresh, it’s bold, it speaks an unquestionable truth, it’s likely to connect with any sympathetic listener and heartfelt, genuine music fan.

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