Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Papadaca

Papadaca is a well talented artist who comes from San Diego. He has a good knowledge about music. So that’s why his songs are creative. Now he released his latest track called “Teton”. In my opinion is this song is a really chill track. At the beginning of the song we can listen calming music. This track start perfectly, because at the beginning of the song it draws our attention to the song. Gradually the power of the song increases. This track made with low tempo with hip hop beats. Chill and lo-fi music always have soothing vibes. As well Lo-fi music increases dopamine and serotonin and lowers the stress hormone cortisol. And a happy and relaxed mood helps to focus more than a stressed mind. This track is very suitable for any relax context.

At the end of this song, it gives us a different mind. Although when you listen to this song first time, you can feel it. In my opinion is, listen to this track alone and wear your headphones then you can get best feeling .

He explain about his new creation and how he feel this track. It reminded him of 2017 when some friends and he went to Grand Teton National Park (the song cover is the Lake there and that is one of his friends in the picture). Also he put the name of Teton for his music track’s titile. To him, the first part of the song is their initial journey, and it’s hectic and fun, and full of adventure. Then, when the slow part starts, that’s like when they took acid and went out onto the lake. It has some similar elements to the first part of the song but in a completely different context. It’s exactly what it felt like, to him, to be there again on another trip, both a literal and a figurative one.

The trip he went on with his friend was wonderfully crafted into a track. I think this is a successful track. Stay with Papadaca for his latest releases. Also you can listen his songs on Spotify.

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