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Dance With Me

by Ceej Boy

“Ceej Boy” returned this month with an awesome addition “Dance With Me” to his hard-hitting, addictively electronic, dance, experimental, and instrumental-inspired catalogue of tracks. More than just a return in fact – the track smashes into action with its heavy emotional line and slick soundscape.

Ceej Boy is popularly known as CJ. He is an electronic music producer known for creating various types of electronic music, from dubstep to future bass to other genres. His name is best known for dubstep. He loves to take different genres and make something completely new out of them. CJ has a passion for trying new things that have never been done before. He quotes “Do not be afraid of trying new things even if you do not succeed because at the end of the day you can say at least I tried”! Even when things go wrong, he never gives up. That’s what makes him the person he knows.

There’s a depth to this track, darkness even, that really feels like it’s in a league all its own. As always, the performances are immaculate, the music builds and builds, and breaks are structurally creative and engaging, but amidst all this, there is a definite sense that something new has been achieved. It’s like the artist has taken this incredible leap forward into the alternative territory, without sacrificing anything we loved about them.

The key is rhythm, and the track’s sense of unmistakable growth is first solidified on this alone – these layers of motion and the surrounding space and meanings. That classic house embrace and speed sets everything up with accessible energy and flow from simple starts.

In short, Ceej Boy is driven by a precise understanding of the scene, the genres at hand and the talent required to create a mix that holds the audience’s attention from start to finish. The house style and build and drop are familiar. Still, Ceej Boy’s approach has a strong sense of individuality, and the soundtrack amplifies this presence and character brilliantly.

Ceej Boy has crafted this with a subtle synthesis of effects, drawing from a well of originality that is ultimately refreshing to explore. Fans of traditional EDM, Techno, House, Deep House, Melodic House or Dance will enjoy this in full force.

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