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Lucky Ones

by Felicia Harding

“Lucky Ones” by Felicia Harding” is an awesome track for all the audience out there. ​Songwriter, vocal coach and multi-instrumentalist Felicia Harding is a road-warrior who offers a distinct voice from Vancouver Island. She has toured Canada extensively with alt-pop/rock band Fortune Killers (“one of Victoria’s best up-and-coming acts” – Rolling Stone) and recently completed her 7th Australian tour with folk-pop trio Belle Miners and as well as a tour of Europe with new indie-folktronica duo The Sleeves.

A musical shape-shifter, her soaring vocals imbue a golden thread of continuity, melting Lana Del Ray’s sultry tones with Kate Bush’s vibrato, a hint of Björk’s whimsy. With international travel on hold, she’s been playing solo and streaming regularly on Instagram and Twitch while recording her next releases.

in her new release, For production to be considered an art form, the finest musicianship is required, not just in terms of the final polish that makes the song shine, but also in terms of the creativity that can grow within the walls of the music. It’s really an art form as much as any kind of songwriting or performance, but it’s one that often leaves the stage to congratulate itself. This track is an example of a producer stepping up to center stage and being joyful, clever and thoughtful. Creating an experience for audiences of all backgrounds to enjoy and truly wow.

It’s a pretty impressive track on its own, to be fair. You can turn it up really loud and get lost in the music and soundscape. But essentially what it does is force you to formulate ideas, to compose lyrics as you engage with it. The possibilities beyond music are endless which makes her a great producer.

It’s never what you expect, and that’s the beauty of it. It surrounds you and takes you somewhere new, then completely turns you around when you least expect it, but not to the point where you lose yourself. I really felt like I didn’t want to miss a moment. “The Lucky Ones” is a track worth taking home. When you listen to a line a few times, it suddenly makes perfect sense, and it affects you more than most songs you’ve heard recently.

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