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Dark Drive Through the Canyon

by 1st Base Runner

1st Base Runner, who is constantly pushing the creative boundaries of electronic music production, takes on the melody at an incredible level with “Dark Drive Through the Canyon”.

Director Dilly Gent (the former Radiohead creative director) filmed Tim Husmann of ‘1st Base Runner’ sitting high on a box inside a convertible while driving around Long Beach. His instructions were to remain statue still, despite cold conditions and the fact that he had just filmed his underwater music video, Man Overboard, earlier that day. He became ill. He most definitely had the ride of his life. As such, Dilly Gent remains the Creative Director of the 1st Base Runner project indefinitely.

Along with Stephen James Moore of Independent Music Promotions and visionary art director Matt Needle, the small team continues to prove the antiquated music industry can be circumvented by artists who truly want to make art.

In this song exploration, our character remains stoic and unmoving in contrast to the alien city landscape of Long Beach, suspended as an observer of a destination only he can see. The eerie, pulsing electronic soundscape pulls him through a dark drive like a puppet on a string. Will he relent upon arrival? Ominous and other-worldly, 1st Base Runner looks unphased in the passenger seat as the sky changes around him and the city lights flicker to the pulsing music as if foreshadowing a pending cataclysmic event. And yet, throughout the strange, dreamscape-like visual, there is an all-pervasive sense of peace and acceptance amidst the frenetic, almost alien surroundings.

Over three minutes long, this release has a catchy and catchy vibe that draws you in right from the start. Nostalgic tones and a mix of familiarity and exploration combine to create an unmistakable but fading wave of emotion. Instead of building to a cataclysmic ending, the track begins with multi-layered richness and light electronic sounds.

Overall, the instrumental sound that’s incredibly easy to get lost in. Amazing production with a beautiful and intriguing soundscape. Can’t wait to see what 1st Base Runner comes up with next!

1st Base Runner

1st Base Runner

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