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Daughter of the Air

by Destiny Love

Destiny Love started her path of “prayerformace” at the age of 8 when she began regularly performing for church congregations. Her music still retains a devotional quality to this day, although you can also hear the influence of jazz, folk (from growing up in the midwest), and musical theatre (in which she has a bachelor’s degree). One of Destiny’s gifts to the world is a healing modality called “Embodied Voice ”, in which she teaches her students how to utilise their entire bodies as instruments, instead of just thinking of the voice as an instrument. This work came through from her love of singing and her love of yoga and energy medicine. Not only does she help to “tune-up” voices, but she also helps to clear “stuck energy” in the body. Coming from someone who founded a bestselling program called “Embody Your Voice ”, which serves thousands of students worldwide, you might imagine the calibre of this lady’s voice. Rich, soothing, and yes, embodied! Her lyrics are poetic and uplifting, with a spiritual aspect. Her fever ranges from singer/songwriter to spiritual folk to downtempo dance!

The newest musical production by Destiny Love entitled “Daughter of the Air” is a tender musical experience, carried by her honeyed vocals and amazing songwriting. “Daughter of the Air” starts a bit hipster with its simple guitar strumming and low key record dreamy vocal effects. The way she uses her angelic vocals adding more volume rather than artificially deepening the vocals is quite impressive. However, “Daughter of the Air” is a powerful song and produced very well. The listeners can effortlessly enjoy the song drowning into the warm melody. The dreamy nature of “Daughter of the Air” is outstanding, showcasing a different potential in Destiny Love. One of the most highlighting facts of the production is the artist’s ecstatic performance and remarkable composition. Definitely worth checking out this single, and each of her albums as the wide range of variety is impressive. Be on the lookout for more music coming too, as she will be releasing a new album in the late spring.

Destiny Love

Destiny Love

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