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Disconnected Remix

by Nakai Only

Nakai Only is an upcoming artist who was born in the United States and Nakai possesses a great passion for electronic music. His newly released official video titled ‘Disconnected Remix’ is specifically a remix of some of the popular songs and it includes techno house, dance music, techno music, music mix and electronic music. ‘Disconnected Remix’ is a five minutes and twenty eight seconds video portrayal and you can watch this good piece of work by Nakai via YouTube platform.
The remix starts off with a blowing sound attempting to convey that something dynamic and energetic is forthcoming. The vibrancy that occurs with a constant beating within the next few seconds further brings more weight to the remix. The sudden shifts of music that occur in the middle of the song at several places, add more uniqueness to this great piece of work. The beat of the song, rhythm of the song and the bass are things which need to be highly appreciated. The beat is so active that it creates a nexus between the rhythm and the bass.
Moreover, the visual background played throughout the song, interconnects the eyes and the ears of the speculators of the song in a very effective manner. It obviously stimulates the listeners. Thus, the remix creates a kind of a festive vibe among the listeners.
Finally it is clearly visible that Nakai has been able to complete his piece of work in a successful way. The remix is indeed of so much power and a lot of energy. It is one of the best remixes that anyone could listen to, specially when during long distance rides.

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