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by Krankenkasse

Fuckitol, by ‘Krankenkasse’ an addictive and fun new single, represents a boldly nostalgic dive back into hard-rock, with a fresh twist of character that emerges from the lyrical depth and clear identification of the lead vocals.

‘Fuckitol’ sounds like an explosive rock anthem from a simpler time, but it’s driven by soaring guitars and fast, high-octane drum work and harmonies with a specific purpose and style unique to Krankenkasse on all levels.

The song emerges as a timeless rock classic, thanks to cinematic fandom and a live rock finish, with a palpable sense of possibility lingering amid the energy and optimism evoked by the music.

The music is incredibly catchy in terms of production – the opening minutes are particularly intriguing as the opening riff and melody take us on a journey through a funny scene and it’s easy to see how this could happen.

“Fuckitol” is a powerful yet softly styled song that leaves its mark in a definite yet subtle way. There is so much power in the structure and brilliance of the soundscape and the lead artist’s songwriting and performance. The music for one is really unique, remarkably spacious, and focused around a fairly simple tune and a few distinctly colorful riffs. The rhythm of the whole track is a big part of why it works so well. The vocal delivery on top of this matches the underlying energy perfectly. His voice strikes with flawless precision and relevance, ​​the skill and precision are superb.

All of it has a certain amazing vibe – the rhythm of each instrument, the thickness of the bass juxtaposed against the lightness of certain synths – the soundscape is big and detailed, and, of course, the song itself. All of that has value, and it’s interesting to listen to. A well-crafted, creative release.

Complemented with a fun video to support the song’s tongue-in-cheek message, ‘Fuckitol’ is an exciting and fun addition to Krankenkasse’s already impressive catalog.

So check out “Fuckitol” by Krankenkasse, and get ready to rock!

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