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Don’t Go

by Mark DiPino

Mark DiPino, a great singer-songwriter from Wallingford, CT, has just dropped a new tune called “Don’t Go.” This song is an evocative mashup of country, Americana, and pop, with a tune that will make you feel all the feels.

Mark can sing in a variety of styles and his songs are always honest and easy to relate to. His music is distinctive in both style and sound, fusing elements of rock, pop, country, and Americana.

Anguished lyrics of “Don’t Leave” beg the subject of the song to stay with him or her. YouTube presents a music video that does a fantastic job of conveying the song’s mood through breathtaking visuals and top-notch production standards.

You shouldn’t miss “Don’t Go” if you like country, Americana, or mainstream music. Keep up with Mark DiPino on all of his social media sites to learn about his upcoming releases and performances.


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