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Down In The Den

by KidNick

Today we talk about the New York-based Music producer KidNick. She is warmly welcomed by Marz to the Down In The Den. step by step she enters the discussion. As a successful artist, she remembered her childhood music life. She said she found her passion for making music when she was seven years old. her mom entered her into the piano class but she didn’t like it. because she wanted to watch cartoons on weekend days. but her mom was always behind her back and she had to go to piano class. She happily shared this memory.

And she started producing a year and a half ago. As well in this video, she explains the full story of how she started her music journey.

She mostly likes southern trap and New York classics. Not only that she was good at rapping in the 90s. As well in this video, she gives a motivational speech to every female who loves to be an artist. She is one of the most successful female artists in New York. As well she mentioned, she follows Hip Hop, Afro, Jazz, Classical Rock, and Rap genres.

She always makes the best things for her fans. It’s a pleasure to hear something with meaning that sounds confident and effortless, mixed into a musical soundscape that allows and encourages you to relax, listen intently, and think a little deeper about yourself. Her music unfolds steadily and takes its time to hit, slowly drawing you in with a very confident kind of serenity. It creates a soft vibe at first that really grabs your attention and draws you in. listen to her music and follow her on social media.

And don’t forget to watch this episode of the Down In The Den video until the end. As well stay tuned for more videos.

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