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I Love You

by Fia

“I Love You” is the newly released music video by the famous and talented artist Fia. Fia, born and raised in Henderson, NV & Leesburg, VA, possesses an ultimate passion for R&B and Pop styles of music. Her recently released “I love you”, which is a two minutes and thirty six seconds music video, shows her wonderful skills in R&B and Pop music styles.
The music starts off with an amazing strum of beats providing a perfect starting point to the song. The beat is so superb that it attracts the listeners from the very first second and takes them to a different living world. The lyrics of the song are also indeed beautiful and heart touching. Of course the song is for the lovers all around the world who love their partners infinitely. The repeated “I love you” throughout the song adds more color to the song and arouses the passionate feelings among the listeners. The vocals of the singer are also fabulous. Fia’s voice is so pleasing and is definitely suitable to the lyrics and the style of the song. Thus, Fia’s vocals give life to the wordings of the song. With no doubt, it can be assured that her voice is brilliant and that she is a flawless singer. The visuals incorporated to the music are also something that should be admired. All the actions performed by the performers and the background visuals are obviously in tone with the lyrics and the styles of this great music piece. Perhaps, the visual background creates a nexus between the lyrics and the vocals of the song.
So, it is evident that “I Love You” is a wonderful production by Fia which stimulates the listeners’ genuine feelings for their partners. In fact, the beat, rhythm, wordings, music style, vocals, visuals all of these in this music video are absolutely unblemished. Besides, listen to this bewildering song now itself if you too are a true lover.

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