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Dr. Dopamine

by The Circus of Ethan Rivers

The Circus of Ethan Rivers, based in Athens, Texas, has unveiled a new single titled “Dr. Dopamine.” Ethan, a 16-year-old solo musician, has been writing songs since he was 7 years old and is deeply devoted to alternative rock. The unconventional “Dr. Dopamine” fuses alternative rock, indie rock, punk rock, modern rock, and traditional rock into a single cohesive whole.

The song is about the futility of trying to please everyone, as critics will always find fault with everything you do. To encourage himself and others to recognize their value, Ethan penned the song. The song’s memorable chorus and distinctive style make it fun to listen to. Ethan is an up-and-coming musician because he loves music and wants to earn a living from it. Follow The Circus of Ethan Rivers on social media and listen to “Dr. Dopamine” on Spotify for more information.


The Circus of Ethan Rivers

The Circus of Ethan Rivers

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