Hear it, See it Feel the Music.

Electronic Music Mix

by NAjAj feat Jora

Sometimes something happens in life and everything seems different as before.Life is like music one has to find the right symphony so it can make sense again. There is a girl who makes joyful music for listeners. She is Najaj. She is a rising star from switzerland. She feels music everywhere she goes. She dedicated her whole life to music, because music is like her life. She does her music work with great enthusiasm. That is why she made more creations for EDM music lovers.

Her passion is to create electronic music with different instruments. Her music makes you smile or dance. Not only that She mostly likes Chillout, electronic music, experimental music, and minimal music. In fact, she has unbelievable talent. Najaj creates her music in a creative way.

Najaj is a swiss electronic music lover and she has been creating music for years. She loves to experiment with instruments and sounds – with voices and rhythms – from east and west. In her music she does not claim perfection. Her intention is to feel it and then to either dance or to fly away with the vibes. Every combination of sound tells a story and this is what she wants to give to us. It’s music for sitting in a train, driving a car, dancing in the night or in the early mornings, when you do your weekly vacuum cleaning around the house, when you are in bad shape or just longing for a better mood.

Najaj released her latest track called “Electronic Music Mix”. She made that track feat. with Jora. She used a variety of musical instruments to finish this track. It is an enjoyable track for dance. It has a unique rhythm. I hope all EDM music lovers will embrace this track. Listen and enjoy all her music tracks. If you enjoy her electronic music, support her and give more love to her.

NAjAj feat Jora

NAjAj feat Jora

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