Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by DJ Soler

Logic’s smashing hit “Everybody” received a new dance-driven remix from the talented producer DJ Soler from California, USA. Soler’s remix is transformative in all the good ways, an arrangement of the original track that drafts the music in a fresh glare without over-complication. Soler delivers some of a house beat with extra synth tones that slowly accumulate as the song flows in, dropping a fiery beat for the audience. This remix version is loaded with power that prevails throughout and Logic’ vocals are heard flowing vigorously with a lot of effects.

In the central part of the remix, the bass hits hard and is used against the continual pounding of the bass drum in the setting, this certainly makes this stunning melody into a more significant banger. Soler’s work is relatively interrelated with the original substances, as he strengthens the track’s polished synth compositions throughout. Consequently, his remix degenerates from the serenading tempo of the first version with a revived electronic arrangement that utilises incredible house drums and dance tempo. As the grooves go down in the verses, Soler bestows striking musical familiarity for the listeners bringing in Logic’s intensive vocal delivery in this massive English rock song.

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