Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by MeLlamoYago

“Elevated” is a mid-tempo hip-hop song by the young artist MeLlamoYago which was released on November 23, 2021, via YouTube.This amazing composition can be described as an expression of gospel music that follows a Christian theme. The song is basically a spiritual elation, wherein MeLlamoYago defines how Jesus elevated peoples life, from the sinner to the saint. The conceptual lyrics of the song depicts the artist’s connection with God. The artist affirms his affection to Jesus as incredibly as the most devotional hymn musician would, while exemplifying the way he falls in and out of what he anticipates as the right direction to follow.

MeLlamoYago maintains a great number of dynamics in his rap delivery, as his flow elements such as steady shifts in rhythm, pitch, and volume over the simplistic rhythm. Throughout the track, his voice shapes an intensity in conjunction with the similarly swelling track, and peaks and fades away just before it follows suit. Further, the artist uses assorted rhyme schemes and phrasal techniques. With the above elements, the composition can be described as one of the finest hip-hop tracks that evoke a reflective atmosphere. The open embrace of faith in this song along with the outstanding rap style delivers a great musical experience that would inspire the listeners’ musical taste as well as their spiritual life.



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