Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Ria D

British born upcoming female Dj, singer and songwriter Ria D is a talented star. She loved music when she was in childhood and never gave up her passion for it. She has been in the music industry for some twenty years, and Ria D started her music career successfully djing across the UK. She has been spinning a variety of dance music, Ria D’s hidden talent came to light. She always tries to make genuine melodies and lyrics with her beautiful voice and has seen her push the boundaries of music.

“Trust” is one of her songs. Her voice brings a different tone. She isn’t afraid to do different things. As well as her catchy uplifting sounds make you wanna get up and dance. Ria D has created something special and catchy for all and brings incredibly fun and energising music.

“Trust” is for those who wanna dance. In this amazing piece of music ,there is an extraordinary sense of musical distillation. This female vocalist shines day by day. Because Ria D’s talent doesn’t stop there though. If you wanna enjoy Ria D’s music, Stay on youtube and i hope you’ll enjoy her music.

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