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Emergency Alert

by DJ Soler


DJ Solar’s latest release “Emergency Alert” is another EDM track that came out on time in June. The music actually has quite a bit of space when it comes to rhythm and builds. This opens up a lot of potential for remixes or other collaborations. Simplicity allows listeners, especially other producers or DJs, to interpret the track and choose how to improve it.

“DJ Soler” is one of the most amazing music producers in San Francisco, CA. “Emergency Alert” is his real release, to the shock of all viewers there. DJ Soler’s Emergency Alert gives, creating a variety of rhythms, flawless musical knowledge, and a beautiful mood that can not be easily escaped with joy.

“Emergency Alert” is an Italian EAS remix. This amazing soul gives a lot of desire and talent for this and it is a refreshing, organic and raw but addictive rhythmic refreshment – with all that brings a calm feeling of joy and satisfaction.

Taking a closer look at how it’s set up, “Emergency Alert” is a track that introduces its soundtrack with these amazingly timely tones and effects – taking your memories back to wherever such an environment is kept. At first, I took a gaming vibe from it, but as the ocean of complexity and warmth transcends the very existence of those single elements, that comparison quickly fades. The way “DJ Soler” puts it all together gives this amazingly smooth and serene freshness. The energy is high, intensely high – hence the elemental element – but at the same time, that experimental shock sends you to a completely different place when you hear that dream-like hope.

The more you listen to the track, the more it feels like a familiar or recognizable, experimental track, perhaps from a relatively simple time. Some of the riffs really stay with you after listening in a memorable, engaging way, and this also helps to give a sense of style and character to the track and the sound of DJ Soler.

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