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Hoe In You

by Young Sixx ft Joe Moses

Young Sixx is one of the greatest, well talented and awesome musician from Riverside, California. His latest collaboration with Joe Moses evokes a strong sense of courage and intellectual purity throughout its short but remarkable lifetime of “Hoe In You”.

The music that flows when you press the play is vibrant and vibrant, it is certainly fresh and well polished, but with a bright and vibrant sound that comes with a touch of nostalgia. Young Sixx’s performance is one that works in tune with the instrument, as opposed to simply sitting on top of it. His lyrics present a series of stories and ideas, evolving throughout his stream, always relevant to the moment, keeping you interested, and never failing to surprise you.

Introduction You feel like you are on the elevator to the highest levels of activity. The lyrics offer a rhythmic and subtle story line, where the instrument is light but slightly different, with a hypnotic power. Later, the hook has the weight and warmth, a clear voice, a clear and sometimes soft but strong electronic melody – this whole part comes as a solution wall of unforgettable satisfaction. The further you get into it, the more these moments lengthen and evolve, eventually becoming an amazing soundtrack.

The high quality and creativity of this release is kind of what makes you wonder why you have never heard of it before. Young Sixx has a knack for writing, composing songs and performing. This release is certainly the result of many talents combined with years of experience and a passion for music. It’s an amazing release, completely fresh, exciting, always captivating, structurally thought out and different so that you can truly focus and relate to this moment. Everything from the tone to the ideas is the tone of the artist’s voice and the style of performance that unfolds. “Hoe In You” washes away the ecological and unpredictable nature of its title. The calmness of the music changes subtly with the slightly frantic pace of delivery – the whole thing is intense, a bit dark but plays effectively on the confidence and nature of the lyrics.

Young Sixx ft Joe Moses

Young Sixx ft Joe Moses

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