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Pics of U

by iRod+Aux

IRod+Aux’s latest track “Pics of U” is one that soaks you up with subjective noises and good vibes, while the term alternatives once again push you to the absolute limit.

With this latest release, we can quickly find out about vibration, melody and soundtrack. The artistry of the IRod+Aux blends in wonderfully with this musical weight, fulfilling a rap hip-hop-like sound; It all hits hard offset and echoes around your head for the rest of the piece. The artist’s lyricism is in the form of this case; The flow is a bit relentless, and sometimes you feel like you need to pause and catch a few more words – you may refuse until it’s over for fear of missing a moment of action. It was all over in less than four minutes, but it felt like something more significant had happened with a whirlwind of expressed sounds and ideas.

In the case of hip-hop, this is all about getting points right. Energy is kept at that happy level so that you are relaxed but conscious – always paying attention, feeling good vibes throughout and carrying something valuable with you when you stop listening. After hearing even one of these tracks from Topnotch, it seems essential to look further into his music catalogue.

The biggest thing is to maintain the basics of hip-hop and rap at the beginning of the song to attract the right kind of audience, it offers something more intense; The performance includes a fast, creatively independent, large collection of lyrics and a number of unquestionable characters. The music is so beautiful that at first, it is not really the lyrics that are drawn from the rap concert, the tone is so fast that most of these fly in a small mist, but the beauty of the music. This means that this is not a negative at all – you are more likely to listen again.

It’s a pleasure to hear something that makes sense, mixed in with a musical soundtrack that allows you to relax, listen attentively, think a little deeper about yourself, and sound confident and effortless.



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