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F.E.A “Fuck Em All”

by Hesabraham feat: N.L.S. Ron

Newly announced composition from an artist with a deep background in hip hop and rap, Pittsburgh, Pa artist Abraham but whose stage name is Hesabraham strives to release new addictive music in the future year while retaining diversity and specialty through his latest track “F.E.A, “Fuck Em All”.

“F.E.A” is one of many unique releases, a great illustration of how Hesabraham ft. N.L.S.Ron combines personal confidence, style, grit and fun amid an unexpectedly complex sound production. Hesabraham takes the hip-hop arena by storm with his fresh single “F.E.A,” featuring fast bars and innovative ambient.

While the sound can be expanded, perhaps by adding another verse or expanding the progression, it works well as a single expression of an idea and feeling. It’s always better to meet what your listeners want than to overdo a sound or sample for size.

Hesabraham mixes genres with bold devotion to delivering a mainstream-ready hip-hop song, yet an angry rap sound amid an energetic and colorful backdrop with clear potential.
That bassline has a catchy riff and swagger. Then there’s a combination of rap and melody with tropical undertones of words and tongue twisters.

Powerful sound effects and intense bass and beat work make it hard to fully absorb each line the first time, Hesabraham natural rhythm and melody will always draw you in. “F.E.A” strains the listener’s attention effectively until a revisit sheds more light on each tune. It is a piece to spend time with, retreat to, set a mood for and enjoy its nocturnal vibe.

His new song is F.E.A with more to come so please be sure to follow Hesabraham on all platforms.


Hesabraham feat: N.L.S. Ron

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