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Rxch homie quan

by Kartier Richie

“Rxch homie quan” by “Kartier Richie” showcases a talented vocalist and rapper with a rather unique sound. The track itself takes a hip-hop and rap sound, a soft vibe, and a little vintage and combines it with an incredibly energetic rap performance.

The calm and energetic sound of the background music contrasts significantly with the high energy of the rap vocals. Similarly, the chorus or the hook part, sung beautifully and stylishly, has a very easy and cool nature. The whole track throws out several different ideas and the energy shifts several times in a few minutes. The structure of the piece is also particularly unusual.

Creativity is present in every moment – ​​instrumentation, mixing, production, lyrics, structure and of course vocal performance. The emotion in the artist’s voice is clear and consistent and powerful, be it soft, almost whispering moments or big, soulful and striking ones.

Although there is a lot to appreciate and experience within a few minutes of listening, the song seems simple at first. The track has an emotional honesty in both lyrics and performance, and this honesty is delivered in a rather heartbreaking way; Always holding you with great strength and power.

The character or personality that is consistently evident in vocal performance is extremely impressive. There is originality in sound, tone, resolution and general expression and presentation of words and this is of great value. There’s quite a bit of clever wordplay and very confident and varied songwriting when you listen carefully. Plus, the vocal melodies, and the hooks, really get into your head, and it’s fun to catch.

kartier Rxchie

Kartier Richie

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