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by Michael Kwok

“Fate” by ‘Michael Kwok’ is a playlist that begins with an ambient and passionate beat, complex and expressive and then, followed by a soothing yet uplifting melody as well as enough upbeat music to let the concept and sound really sink in.

What really stands out about this release are the lyrics, the talented and handsome lead voice, and the narration and detail it provides. It has little to compare with modern hip hop now, and production wise the whole thing is fantastically produced. as well this playlist combines piano, classical, and contemporary music.

Michael Kwok is a hip-hop artist originally from California. ‘Fate’ is one of his interesting playlists. This 23-year-old artist is self-taught, and he is making music just for fun. He loves to share his music with the world. This playlist has 10 songs. Dreams, Royal Dance, Old Village, Mirror of Wishes, Journey Together, Flying with the Wind, House of Marble, River of Time, Coming Home, and Waltz of Life. These songs have different vibes from each other. If you listen to them one by one, you will like this playlist.

The music is full of detail and personality. At certain points, the soundscape is even tighter, and the tune feels like a true classic from the past, but with a new identity and purpose. From start to finish, the songs mesmerize with his hypnotic and moving sound. It’s one of those tracks that grabs you on the first listen and is sure to get stuck in your head for days to come. Michael Kwok is an artist to keep an eye on, and “Fate” is a tracklist not to be missed.

Michael Kwok

Michael Kwok

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