Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Duvee Davis

Duvee Davis who was once a kid boxing player who had extreme dedication, is now a talented and an upcoming artist, who shows his personal passion for hip hop, rap, R&B and Trap styles of music. His preference for hip hop music arose at the age he hit teenage years and it was hip hop content that made him fight for living. Raised in a small town in Southeastern Connecticut, Duvee Davis’ s journey has been one of inspiring highs and devastating lows, and his music speaks volumes on behalf of it. Blending hip hop styles of music to a stream of melodious music, Duvee davis has created a music video in an extraordinary manner. Thus, this work, which is a four minute and fifty five seconds music video, is titled as “Flowstate”.
The song starts off with a bewildering stream of music letting the listeners’ thoughts wander and drown in the song. The music seems so calm, that it is neither so fast, nor so slow and it brings out the quality of being unique. Perhaps, the song awakens nostalgia and motivates the listeners to live a carefree life. Therefore, “Flowstate” is a fantastic piece of work for the hip hop music lovers out there.
In depth, “Flowstate” has a captivating set of wordings, which are simple and meaningful and they convey the message of freedom in life. The lyrics are charming for they denote his personal thoughts and experiences. The music, tone and the tunes are also super amazing, for they connect with the song in a beautiful and interesting manner. The vocals of the singer also should be of high regard. The manner in which he balances his voice to make this hip hop music should be highly appreciated.
So it is obvious that his sound unites the strength of a fighter, the heart of a poet, and the soulful devotion of a family-man with promises to keep. Listen to this amazing song now.

Duvee Davis

Duvee Davis

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