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by Tom Sleeps

Tom Sleeps, a dynamic producer from Belgium, has just released his latest track, “Flames.” Known for his melodic progressive and trance music, Tom explores new territory with this single, infusing it with pop elements while retaining his signature 90’s trance influences.

Tom has been producing music since the nineties, evolving his sound to deliver tracks that are both uplifting and euphoric. His ability to blend vintage and contemporary elements sets him apart in the music scene. With a pace of 130-140bpm, Tom’s tracks are a full-scale sonic experience that captivates listeners.

“Flames” embodies Tom’s philosophy: if it sounds good, it is good. This track is a testament to his dedication to quality music, combining the best of trance and pop to create something truly special. Don’t miss out on this vibrant and energetic release from one of Belgium’s finest producers.

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