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Freak Motel

by Royal Adam

With Royal Adam’s latest release “Freak Motel,” you’re in for a musical adventure. Royal Adam, based out of Kansas City, Missouri, is a new and exciting addition to the world of Pop music.

The song “Freak Motel” has a catchy chorus and a wide variety of instruments and sounds, and the lyrics are full of imagery. Royal Adam’s musical prowess is on full display as he takes you on a sonic journey full of twists and turns.

Royal Adam’s music is an expression of his artistic vision and love of storytelling, both of which are informed by his upbringing and the world around him. That he can create a sound as distinctive as “Freak Motel” is evidence of his talent.

Listening to “Freak Motel,” you’ll be transported into Royal Adam’s otherworldly musical environment. Listen to this groundbreaking Pop song that is changing the music industry as we know it.

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