Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by GéNIA

Take a deep breath and get ready to be taken away by GéNIA’s newest album “Evocations.” Ukrainian-born concert pianist turned composer-yogini GéNIA is poised to win over listeners with her innovative blend of classical and contemporary music.

GéNIA’s next album, “Exhale,” will feature the single “Evocations.” GéNIA’s compositions have been included on prestigious television shows including “Killing Eve” and “Cold Feet,” and their style encompasses classical contemporary, neo-classical, and tranquil piano.

The globe may be navigating perilous waters, but “Evocations” might let you relax and unwind for a while. GéNIA’s music is more than just aural pleasure; she includes breathing exercises and yoga postures in her performances.

GéNIA wishes for her music to provide its listeners with opportunities for inward reflection and revitalization. With ‘Evocations,’ GéNIA ushers you on a tranquil and reflective musical journey, nourishing your spirit with her evocative music.

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