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Jesus you mean everything to me
Joanna Dykstra Stryker
Joanna Dykstra Stryker

Jesus you mean everything to me

by Joanna Dykstra Stryker

Get ready for some heartfelt music with Joanna’s new album, “Jesus You Mean Everything to Me.” Christian hymns, healing music, and praise all come together on this track to produce something that sounds like it may be profoundly life-changing.

Joanna’s dedication to writing music that brings hope and comfort is palpable in “Jesus You Mean Everything to Me.” Joanna puts her whole soul into her work as a singer and songwriter, giving her audience a chance to reflect on their religion and find comfort in her songs.

The song was inspired by the close connection we have with the holy. In a moving way, Joanna expresses the tension between God’s omnipotence and his unfailing love. She wants her audience to feel the enormous compassion and grace that is the bedrock of faith while they listen to her songs.

A spiritual journey, a moment of connection, and a ray of hope all rolled into one, “Jesus, You Mean Everything to Me” is more than just a song. Listen to the soothing music that will lift your spirits. Let the healing power of Joanna’s music permeate your own being.

Joanna Dykstra Stryker

Joanna Dykstra Stryker

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