Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Doc Jazz

Even with its modern-day energy that seems to fit in well with today’s mainstream sound, TOXIUM’s “New World” strongly introduces the artist as a unique act with his own original approach to music, and it works; It balances those two factors very well.

“Friendzone” is a spacious and somewhat dreamy track that’s somewhat minimalist, but what’s there is thoughtfully and colorfully incorporated – to carry that rhythm and melody with unforgettable energy. It’s a hit in itself, and it’s easy to vibrate or jump between them – and that’s before you get to the hook. The ultimate song about the dreaded ‘Friendzone’! for empowering all those who feel trapped, with this high-energy positive vibe.

Doc Jazz has created this track to allow you to see and appreciate every little element and every audio layer that makes up the experience if you choose to pay attention to the details. At the same time, and perhaps more importantly, the piece sees all of these building blocks effectively integrated within the track, so the music needs no introduction or explanation as a complete and smooth entertainment. The balance between creativity, emotion and professionalism is perfectly captured.

From a musical or compositional point of view, the track makes for a hypnotic and exquisitely impressive ride. I found it incredibly interesting, provocative and wonderful. The lyrics are on point and constantly try to blow your mind with its deep thinking and out-of-the-box ideas.

This is a must for fans of EDM – the transition from the ever-increasing intensity of the verses to the melodic breakdown of the hook brings some house vibes to the stage. It gives you time to collect your thoughts – it’s a moment of calm between chaos.

In my opinion, the track works well as its own release. Doc Jazz essentially bridges the gap between the worlds of music and dance, and perhaps more importantly – doing so with flair and relevance. This track is great, the lyrics and delivery are compelling to witness, and contains many unexpected emotions. Worth exploring. And so begins the night-long journey to Doc Jazz’s YouTube channel to date.


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