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Klick Klack

by Dilo Tn

Dilo Tn loads this track with a level of personal truth and angst-filled expression—giving it the character of release and the ability to connect with hip-hop fans who turn to the genre as something to cry out for those questions.

“Klick Klack” is a unique single for this and several other reasonable reasons. The sound of Dilo Tn’s voice is a big part of it – there’s a certain tone and personality that you quickly point out is now completely his. The musical background is another – there is a careful meeting between the dreamy and the industrial, changing to the creative rhythm of the synth waves, while the weight and conviction of the lyrical outpouring drives the song and its emotions prominently.

The concept here is relatable in a deep way, it is personal but it reaches out to connect with its audience in a way that is widely accessible. The lyrics feel like yours, the things you felt but couldn’t find a way to express. There’s a sense of possibility and transcendence about the song that creates a bold moment of self-empowerment and belief in better. Once again, the latter half sees the music explode into life, the band coalescing and their performance tightening up, so the final soundscape envelops you in a neo-classical-meets-hip hop style.

For hip hop fans, recent years have seen the greatest concentration of releases ever — many of which have fallen short of the mark as mumble rap cemented its place among mainstream audiences. On the other hand, the best, most expressive and creative albums have also emerged. The bar is high if you want to get ahead, and knowing who you are as an artist and what your sound is — not who you want to replicate — is a big part of what gives some rappers a sense of ability and longevity.

Dilo Tn has many of these qualities on this release, but honestly a longer project will make or break the next step in the journey – the subject matter works well here, a lot is said, the lyrics are interesting and unexpectedly honest; Hopefully more stories to come. The personal touch allows the music to connect, and the professional soundstage provides a platform where that connection can bring as much value as possible.

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