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I’m Okay

by Jameel Patrick ft HeyMrNoodles

Jameel Patrick’s songwriting has an incredibly deep level of thoughtfulness, which is very appealing in its introspective and questioning perspective, but it contrasts sharply with the rather powerful and passionate lead vocal performance he uses to carry this release.

Jameel has been making music for over ten years. His music is made to encourage and inspire others. “I’m okay” by Jameel Patrick featuring HeyMrNoodles. This song’s inspiration story is about a former student/friend and both of his parents passed away on December 20th. His lot of friends have also recently lost loved ones. He has also talked to people who are dealing with job issues as well as problems at home. This song is a brief snapshot of trying to hide any grief by saying that “I’m okay”, even if you’re not,

The visuals are stunning, and Jameel Patrick has done a great job crafting a visual field that goes hand in hand with the track and its underlying concept. That powerful element of intrigue and deep thought is held firmly throughout the artist’s performance, adding just enough unsettling, discordant darkness to ensure you pay attention. Worth exploring.

You will be blown away by the vocals on this track, and the song itself is one that is inescapably woven into your consciousness in an unforgettable way. That’s not easy to do these days, with tons of new hip-hop hitting the airwaves every hour, but Jameel Patrick has found a way — and it’s done without too much volume or unnecessary drop-offs.

The track is mostly minimalist, and stands tall on the strength of its own unique concept and conviction. That second word is what drives the energy of this entire project – the further you get into the playlist, the faster and more intense these lyrics flow. So much so that even one or two listens are not enough to catch every idea. “I’m okay” is a strong example of this, a track that just grabs you with the sheer volume of words between its rap delivery and such a calm, spacious backdrop.

There’s no doubt that the track has musicality, and it feels like a classic, alternative hip-hop piece in some respects, but the sound quality and the instrumental and sample choices — even the placement of the lead vocals in the mix — all point in a slightly left-of-center direction. When you listen to Jameel Patrick’s music, this quickly becomes a lasting feature of his sound and his approach to expression.

Jameel Patrick featuring HeyMrNoodles

Jameel Patrick ft HeyMrNoodles

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