Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by King Uche

The South Asian native artist King Uche who was born with the name Uchechukwu Oribi Okwara in Dikenaifai, Ideato South of Imo State in Nigeria recently released a track named “Games’ ‘. Although King Uche is a successful artist now, the past was not as pleasing as now. His life was a misery where he even lost his own brother due to hunger issues. King Uche however wanted to stand up from where he was and be successful.He had a passion for music since childhood. He used to listen to a variety of music genres which were influenced by Awilo, Logomba, Fela, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Birdman to name a few.

King Uche’s music is really motivating and exciting. It is indeed true that if one listens to his music, that person will surely relisten to it. Accordingly, King Uche’s music elevated upto the top ranks of music charts. Specially, “Own Gini” became one of the most famous music tracks at popular clubs and at popular music festivals. People are attracted mostly to his music for they blend perfectly with King Uche’s personality. This perfection has made King Uche, the Rising African King of Rap.

At the present time, King Uche has a whole set of expanded audiences around different countries. Basically his audience is mainly extracted to California, New York, Houston, London to Lagos and the South-South region of Nigeria. Also it is important to note that King Uche is not only an artist, but also he is a budding entrepreneur and also a good music executive.

The track “Games” is a unique track which is blended with a variety of music styles such as Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap and R&B. Not only that, its beat which is purely relentless are linked with its sounds and it has made the track more attractive. The constant beat is indeed better with each repeat. So this hip hop track which is created with an upbeat rhythm and a unique bassline is notably a commanding track in the hiphop field. Further, as King Oche has produced this music piece with a unique innovative blast of vibrancy, “Games” is probably able to catch the attention of the listeners from the first second itself.

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