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Get out the way

by Yung Elvis

Yung Elvis from Barcelona has come up with another new single called “ Get Out the way” which is in Spanish.Being a native Spanish speaker you could almost feel how effortlessly he sings with his own language. An absolute treat for those who love listening to Spanish Club songs.The song has a funky and urban appeal by the looks from the video.

I apologize for not commenting on the lyrical meaning beneath the song as I have zilch knowledge in Spanish. Therefore my analytical observations are purely based on the music , performance and vibe.
“Get out the way” is quite different from his previous single “Los Jokers”. The song has flavors of Jersey Club song and more Dril elements. The music video does provide justice as it penetrates a gangster vibe.
A rustic song with punches of Hip Hop and Trap music.

The gangsta appeal would be the highlight for me along with the uproaring high drill beats. Perhaps the underlying meaning could be a subtle warning to another gang with whom they have a tug of war. Voila!
That makes absolute sense. The title of the song “Get out the way” is not merely a title rather a literal warning for the credible listeners in the first place. Hinting what sort of a song to expect. A smart move , I must say. It is a matter of paying attention to subtle signs. On a mini note be it in a song or in life , it is imperative we stay calm and poised to not to miss those signs.

Yung Elvis is proving his mettle via the versatility which he has to offer. As a young budding artist that is an admirable trait . The ability to not confiscate to a box rather go beyond the box to identify ones strengths and weaknesses even opportunities for that matter is a positive sign of an artist who believes in regeneration.
Hence give it a listen to “Get out the way” to know his depths of versatility.

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