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Going Up
Crashoutee X CookieCliff
Crashoutee X CookieCliff

Going Up

by Crashoutee X CookieCliff

Crashoutee and Cookiecliff, two up-and-coming artists in the rap game, have a hit on their hands with their new single “Going Up.” These two young musicians from Texas have big dreams of making it big in the music business.

That they were able to produce “Going Up” attests to how much they care about making music. The music is a combination of Crashoutee and Cookiecliff’s lyrical skill and rhythmic beats, demonstrating their natural potential. Their aspirations, ambitions, and dogged determination to succeed are all vividly depicted in the songs they’ve written.

Crashoutee and Cookiecliff, both on the rise in the music industry, know what it takes to make it as a rapper. Their songs are an expression of their perseverance and the hardships they’ve overcome.

The song “Going Up” is more than simply music; it’s a rallying cry for those who want to make it big. It’s proof that if you put in the time, effort, and focus, you can do anything you set your mind to. The pairing of Crashoutee and Cookiecliff is a positive sign for the future of the Texas rap scene.

Play “Going Up” by Crashoutee and Cookiecliff at full volume to get an inside look into their world of rap music, aspiration, and the chase for stardom.

Crashoutee X CookieCliff

Crashoutee X CookieCliff

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