Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Icysami

Let the mysterious musician Icysami take you on an exciting musical adventure with his new single “Journey.” Icysami is a sonic wizard in the world of Drum and Bass, capable of conjuring a whole universe out of rhythmic patterns and rumbling basslines.

Icysami’s musical adventure began in the underground, where his concerts regularly set dance floors ablaze by pushing the genre of Drum & Bass to its limits. The combination of the beat and the drop is like an incantation, sending the listener into a trance.

Expect a wild trip of creativity and excitement whenever Icysami is behind the decks. His remixes are full-on audio adventures, with complex percussion patterns, rumbling basslines, and mind-bending samples all mashed together.

Icysami’s music transcends genre boundaries, inspiring a culture and a social movement amongst fans of the bass instrument. The release of “Journey” demonstrates his continued dedication to redefining Drum and Bass, and it has left fans begging for more.

Follow Icysami for a journey into the depths of Drum and Bass music that goes beyond the norm. A track in name only, “Journey” is a metamorphic musical adventure.

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