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This Christmas

by The Imaginaries

An exciting move this season – perfectly titled “This Christmas” – stems from the creative partnership of ‘The Imaginaries’ with Americana country and soft pop-rock music and vocals. It has the feel of a wonderful seasonal song, and a heartfelt performance by everyone involved helps underscore the implicit humanity of the words.

“The Imaginaries” is an Americana band formed in the open plains of Oklahoma. Consisting of husband & wife duo Shane Henry (guitar, vocals) & Maggie McClure (piano, vocals), their debut album was released on March 26, 2021. It was recorded in Muscle Shoals, AL with legendary “Swampers” & serves as both an introduction to The Imaginaries and the beginning of their journey as a band after both singer-songwriters have enjoyed their own successes as solo artists. Maggie, with her subtly sweet vocals and piano-driven style, fuses seamlessly with Shane’s blues-rock grit to form their own unique blend of Americana/Singer-Songwriter music.

“The Imaginaries” have a natural affinity for music and songwriting. Making it friendlier to a wider audience, the direct, catchy and familiar nature of the song’s lyrics and melody help make it an unexpected hit that will be remembered for years to come.

“This Christmas” is a soft, organic folk-meets-Americana, with a gently boisterous, soulful delivery and beautifully unique vocals, and a poetic lyrical backdrop that’s both poignant and satisfying – clever lyrics and a soothing, soothing melody.

These visuals are used to brighten up the room festively, quickly convey its appeal and soothe our mood this time of year. The Imaginaries’ vocals will immediately grab your attention and immerse you throughout this new rendition of the song. It’s worth a listen, and this is a strong contender for long-running, enduring Christmas playlists.

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