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Good Things Neva Last

by Thee Rich Flair

Coming out of Ventura California, a small beach town, between Santa Barbra and Los Angeles, producer and artist thee Rich Flair, with his approach to the west coast culture. An inspiring artist, you should look out for, his approach, his vibe persona, all fits well with the music although the stories through situations if you know you know and can relate. “Good Things Neva Last” is among his finest releases up to date. The music here is amazingly intriguing, with a broody, Sade-sampling cut that gathers a rare vibe through clattering, propulsive drums and a deep bed of whirring synths. Particularly, The whole composition is simple, yet invokes one hell of a mood with it. The melody is a calm yet a profound blend of low bass notes and lofi piano synths. Further, the beat relaxes to adapt catchy lyrics of the song, getting focus on the proficient performance of Thee Rich Flair. He sings confidently, benefiting from the transition from polished beat flow into the hook with the addition of soulful ad-libs that riff in the background. The beat runs at a steady glide with harp-like synth strumming a simple chord change underneath sparse drums. However, with such a brief spotlight, it is little bends of phrases and breathless singing that make the single perfect. Consequently, Thee Rich Flair manages to sound both relaxed and cohesive throughout the track. The way Rich Flair plays around with the lyrics is something amazing to listen to which particularly allows every moment of “Good Things Neva Last” to feel enthralling and loose. Overall, this release is soaked in deep, significant lyrics and atmospheric production that aims to generate a sense of courageousness and solidarity to the listeners. Undoubtedly this soulful track is more evidence Thee Rich Flair is an artist worth rooting for.

Thee Rich Flair

Thee Rich Flair

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