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Night Rider

by Rahkano Rahgt

Rahkano Rahgt is a famous and talented artist in New York City. He was born and raised in New York City. Rahgt is an artist who has a keen passion for music. His music interests lie mainly in Hip hop, Rap, R & B and Trap. Rahkano recently released his new music video which was titled as “Night Rider”. The song comes in Rap and Hip hop styles of music and it is a three minute and forty-four seconds music video. It is titled as Night Rider as its story line is based on (K) night Rider. That is, the song presents a situation where Fast and Furious meets (K) night Rider in the grimy streets of New York City.

The song starts with a set of perfect instrumental beats which work in tandem with the backdrops. In the first second itself you see an elegant black car which in turn conveys the title of the song. The vocals of the singer are really energetic and it suits the rap and hip hop styles as well. The listeners are actually motivated to listen to the song because of the rough and clear vocals of the singer. The lyrics are of course meaningful and thoughtful. They pass on a clear meaning to the audience while working accurately with the video. Thus we can say that the brilliant song writing upgrades the vocal lines, the rift work and the concept of this music video.

The taste for rap and hip hop music is actually stimulated through the strum of beats in this song. They offer a real hip hop and a rap world for the listeners. So, it is indeed true that this hip hop track consists of an upbeat rhythm and a unique bassline which successfully creates a unique vibe.

Rahkano Rahgt

Rahkano Rahgt

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