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Happy Little Pill
Troye Sivan
Deep Money Studio

Happy Little Pill

by Deep Money Studio

Deep Money Studio has released a new remix of Troye Sivan’s “Happy Little Pill,” and it is guaranteed to have you moving. This band from Riga, Latvia, provides a fresh take on the classic synth-pop sound.

The video for “Happy Little Pill [Deep Money Remix]” is a great match for the remix’s happy and energetic vibe. You may expect to be captivated by the video’s spectacular sights and brilliant colors.

The skill and care with which Deep Money Studio produced this remix is undeniable. They took a well-known tune and gave it their own spin, resulting in a sound that was at once familiar and exciting.

Check out “Happy Little Pill [Deep Money Remix]” by Deep Money Studio on YouTube if you’re a lover of synthwave or just want a new dance track to add to your repertoire. The Latvian musical duo is sure to get the party started.


Troye Sivan

Deep Money Studio

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