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Heaven and Paradise
3D The Boss
3D The Boss

Heaven and Paradise

by 3D The Boss


3D The Boss’s classic sound comes from a deep place. 3D The Boss is an award-winning Atlanta-based Health and Fitness Pop band that delivers an all original, fun, dynamic performance with great musicianship and powerful vocals.Best described as ‘music to raise your vibration’.

The members of 3D The Boss are all trained musicians and professional wellness coaches serving musicians and other creatives, with each bandmate bringing a wealth of wisdom and skill to the table. The group is made up of dynamic band leader, vocalist/songwriter Chanda Leigh/C Lei Boss Lady, magisterial bassist/vocalist Donna Hawkins/Lady Bass, and brilliant choreographer/vocalist Day Adeogba.3D The Boss is the flagship artist, spokesperson, and role-model of The YourDay Balance Game, a subsidiary of YDBG Inc, which is a lifestyle brand that promotes health, fitness, balance and love. 3D The Boss enters the music and entertainment industry with an inspiring three-dimensional approach that addresses issues of unhealthy self-image, unconscious messaging, and imbalanced role-models. 3D The Boss delivers an energy packed, exceptionally rich experience which is high with excitement, wide with variety, and deep with meaning. Their style transcends generations, genres, and geographical boundaries by modeling a balanced lifestyle which promotes self-love, purposeful living and passionate pursuits.

3D The Boss’s most recent, “Heaven and Paradise”, a video that connected with viewers and earned them a 2021-2022 Modern Soulful Artist of the Year award. 3D The Boss were recognized by Arts Atlanta, who described them as “movement-conscious” with a “peppy influence”. The group has been praised by distinguished outlets like Earmilk, XS Noize, YourEDM, ZO Magazine and Tinnitist.

“Heaven and Paradise” is a mind bending pop/R&B music. This song is high energy, powerful and rhythmical. The brilliant and vibrant “Heaven and Paradise” 3D The Boss’ use another brilliant sound design and melody progression for the timeless unique brand of contemporary music, a relentless production of elements of pop, soul and singer-songwriter sound. The crisp, precise production of the artists allows the whole thing to be reached and connected instantly.


3D The Boss

3D The Boss

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