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Life's Too Expensive for Me
Unfortunately Steven
Unfortunately Steven

Life’s Too Expensive for Me

by Unfortunately Steven


Unfortunately Steven is a Los Angeles-based Experimental Indie Rock Singer Songwriter who was ‘born and raised with an anxious mind’.

Unfortunately Steven is the musical alias for multi-instrumentalist and lead vocalist Steven Ramirez. “I used to think that everyone felt this way. It felt like a constant disco of negative thoughts in my head, an unease that was impossible to escape. I would pretend it wasn’t there until it became too overwhelming and I’d retreat further into my mind. Music became my only escape”. Describing his sound as a combination of ‘indie rock, musical theater, psychedelia and the wall of sound’, music enthusiasts may hear elements of Harry Nilsson, Daniel Johnston and Fiona Apple in his unique style. His love for concept albums like “Pet Sounds”, “The Wall” and “The Point!” coupled with his mental health journey, inspired the new album “Groovy Avocado Disco”. A uniquely bold release, “Groovy Avocado Disco” finds Unfortunately Steven completely unfiltered and unrestrained lyrically and sonically, as he opens up, digs deep, breaks down and breaks through.The songwriting took place April 2016 to January 2020. These songs chronicle Steven’s mental state since his 2016 breakdown and starting therapy soon after. Songwriting is historically known as being therapeutic, but what happens when you start writing things that you are uncomfortable with? Thoughts that even surprise yourself. Groovy Avocado Disco is not just a collection of songs, but something that is designed to be listened to in order.

“Life’s Too Expensive For Me” is a song from his upcoming album. His clever songwriting and funny performance will catch your mind. And also he has a unique and attractive voice. He sings the song freely without any pressure. The song is catchy, ear-splitting, with nostalgic sounds and melodies. This release will prove his versatility and innate talent as musicians. The song is created with a pop flame and high quality sound that supports the overall quality of this indie rock.

Unfortunately Steven

Unfortunately Steven

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